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Originally Posted by 2Wires
Look what I did now:

(The upper right text)

I already uploaded the new program to the known spot.
Maybe someone can write a little tutorial?

I guess that's it for today, but was a lot, eh?

Here you go Tino. Thanks to Tino and everybody here who made this happen!!! This tutorial is my contribution and do not take credit for all the hard work of others.

This is a guide to allow one to modify the BMW Navigation startup splash screen (ie the ==BMW== image that displays on your screen when the car door is opened)

Important: You can not simply do this procedure with the same version of the SW that's already on the NAV unit. If your NAV unit has V26 installed already and you create a new CD with V26 then it will not update the splash. You need to either upgrade or downgrade to a new or old unmodified version. Then re-install the newly modifed splash version of the SW. This is so the NAV unit thinks that there is a new update.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that changes will be made to system ROM files and could seriously damage your navigation computer. The provided set of tools which will accomplish the aforementioned task are not Guaranteed to work 100%. As always, you take on any liabilty and responsibility for damages. If you need help try searching this thread first. Now with that out of the way here's a step by step guide. You will need some manipulation tools installed first.

Download the following:
.NET Libraries (When you install this SW make sure you're admin, and turn your internet security settings in explorer to medium/low)
CD Burning S/W (ie Nero, Alcohol120, DVD Decrypter, etc...)

1. Obtain correct Navigation CD image of S/W version (ie V26.09aNote: this version could be bad for your unit, V26, V25, etc...)
2. Load image onto PC
3. Locate "navboot" file. Usually located in \V_2\RR\0101\BMWC01S\app_sw\
4. Copy "navboot" to hard drive on PC
5. Using GifExtractor load "navboot" by clicking "Find" button
6. Once loaded, click "extract"
7. Now in the "found images" box highlight the first entry and using cursor scroll down to the image that you will change. Located at HEX address [b1f418] it's the fourth one down.
9. NOTE! the new splash image has to fit the screen so you'll have to edit it (with Paint, PhotoShop, etc...) by making sure that it has aspect ratio of Width 400 x Height 234 x Depth 8bit 96X96dpi, single frame. And saved as a *.GIF file
10. If the new gif image is larger than 4544KB then you'll need to check the box "Do not check file size"
11. If you're running into a problem with images not being recognized even after they meet the specs in step 9. Then you need to check the box read "complicated" gifs.
12. Now select the gif you want to load by clicking at the bottom "Select image to exchange"
13. Voila!! now you have a new splash that will startup

Optional: If you want to change the S/W version that displays on the top right of your navigation display such as "4-3/60" (ie 4 is MIV system with S/W 60). And is found under menu->settings of your navigation unit, you can do that in the "New header text" box of GifExtractor

Now to create the image:
1. Start UltraISO (you will see window split into four sections)
2. Goto File->Open (locate the Navigation CD image of S/W) or Open CD/DVD
3. Once CD is loaded into "Image" window navigate to \V_2\RR\0101\BMWC01S\app_sw\
4. Now goto Actions->Add Files and locate the modified "navboot"
5. You will be prompted to verify replacement. Select "yes"
6. Now you're ready to make the new ISO image. In the top left window labeled "Image", click the first entry (it will look like 20060220_120036 with a CD Icon) edit the line to reflect "NAV_SW" and press return
7. Goto File->Save as and name the file of your choosing with "file type" as "mdf,mds" if using Alcohol120, otherwise save type as *.ISO if using Nero, DVD Decrypter
8. Almost there!!!

Follow final steps for Burning and Install outlined here:

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