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I just bought an X5 from an auction! It has a few issues.

I just bought a 2002 X5 4.4i, at an auction, I got a good deal so I am ok that it is having some issues.

It has 147k Miles on it.

I got a P0720 Output Speed Sensor code as I drove it home (frustrating because I scanned for codes before I bid on it, they cleared the codes). I noticed that when taking off from a stop it revs quickly, moves slowly, and then slams into gear. This feels like you are being rear-ended, not cool. I only drove it home, and a few short times very close just to diagnose it. Once it is over 10-15 MPH it runs fine, and the shifts are smooth, I can even use the Manual shifting mode. However if I floor it and it downshifts, it will rev up and slam into gear even when going 40 MPH. Then it goes into Failsafe mode and the Manual shifting is no longer available.

I just changed the Rear output sensor, filter and fluid, no difference.

It is parked until I can find something else to try. I may have to pull it and rebuild it, I see there is some good info on how to do that. I would like some confirmation that it is required, and not just something else electronic causing it to fail.

One interesting thing is that when I changed the fluid, I dropped the pan, and I noticed there were no magnets, there was a lot of black I believe is clutch residue. I did note that the fluid looked and smelled really good, as in recently changed, and it must have been a complete change, because there was no sign of the original fluid, all red.

Trans Pan by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr

Looking around, I found the magnets:

Rogue Magnets by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr

I can only assume some sabotage was in play here, I can't think of any other reason that the two magnets would be removed from the pan and placed up here together. They were of course covered with black clutch material, I cleaned them off, and put them back up there just for a picture. It could be argued that the tech who did the filter change last, cleaned them and thought he would store them there while he cleaned the pan, just seems unlikely.

Then again he must not have been a very bright soul, I found these wires pinched in with the pan gasket.

Pinched wires by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr

Pinched wires2 by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr

This is the filter I removed, is that a date code of November of 2014? Note a dark layer of clutch material, I wiped part off to find the numbers.

Old Trans Filter by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr

Trans Tag for reference ZF 5HP24
Trans Tag by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr

Our new X5:
X5 Side by UNLIMTD13, on Flickr
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