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I did mine a while back and didn't make or follow a DIY. I just ran through the one you linked and you can follow it all the way to the point where he removes the fuel rail. You'll need to disconnect the fuel line and probably lift the drivers side out of the manifold but I don't think you have to completely remove it.

The bolts holding the VC on bottom out and rubber grommets apply the sealing pressure (when you examine the new ones you'll see what I'm talking about). The old ones will be rock hard and a few will probably break when you remove them. Once you get the VC off you need to meticulously clean out any of the broken pieces from inside the head. Getting it off is tricky as there's barely enough clearance and you have to dislodge any spark plug tubes that stuck onto the VC before you can remove it. You can try pushing them down and off with your fingers or a flat blade screwdriver if necessary.

To bad you don't live in SoCal, I've done this and need to do my alternator gasket. Speaking of which, did you have to lift the engine up to get at yours?
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