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Originally Posted by lps5053 View Post
Truthfully, even after everything I've done to it, I can not gain confidence in it. I don't enjoy driving it because every squeak, rattle, and vibration makes me lose sleep at night. At the end of the day, I did go about this car all wrong (even though I thought at the time I didn't). It's been a great lesson in what not to do when buying a used car.

With that said, I checked prices around my area, the lowest price being 9k for 145k up to 15k with 103k. I think I can price it somewhere in the middle and be alright. It won't go in a day but i think it will be priced fairly after I clean it up and detail it really good. I guess if i get really desperate I can try trading it in.

You'll get 5k on a trade. Just went thought this.
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