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I am in a similar boat as you but I have a 95 Bronco as my daily (though the water pump just failed last night).

She's got her timing chain guides done and I'm about to change the trans and diff and tc fluids. I am a previous E39 whore (Dan on BFC) and know my way around on this platform but the will to do the fluids is.. Meh. Maybe its because I moved out of Jersey and to Texas and don't have the same support system I had.

The 4.6 is great car but I feel you where every time I start her up, I have to wonder what can go wrong. It is the randomness of it all. The Bronco.... She's so predictable and soooo cheap to fix/maintain though doing the fix isn't as easy. I think the E53 (03) is the last of the "engineered for DIYer's" at a reasonable price.

Seeing how you've done most of the work, enjoy it man.
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