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Originally Posted by Lambeau View Post
The fluid that was in the transmission was not "black" as others have stated their trans fluid looked. It was a medium amber colored. The transfer case fluid looked medium in color also. The rear diff fluid didn't look much darker than the new fluid.

I know my X had the front driveshaft replaced just before I got it but didn't see any service done for any of these fluids. Having over 100K miles it was mostly long highway drives which is going to be much easier on the trans, TC, & diff's.

If anyone is going to do this and you're apprehensive, just PM me and I'll give you my cell # and we can talk & I'll help in any way.
Great write up! If you replaced the tranny fluid, did you get a new transmission pan as well? I'm trying to plan out this service for my X.

Also, I noticed a 14mm plug on the bottom of the engine in front of the engine oil pan. Do you have an idea what that one is for?
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