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Black Screen After Update mk4

Hello guys,
Thank you for the awsome forum and articles. I know that a lot has been written on this subject but I can't find my answer. Аfter a good research I decided to updated version of МК4 to my X5 e53. In the beginning I burned one CD with imgBurn but didn't work.. second try with Nero It's happend and on my monitor i saw the notice "waint a moment....." after that like on every video's which I watched for the few seconds the screen turns black before the installation begin, but mine stay black. I wait for an hour but nothing! then I had a problem with removing the disc. I removed the battery for 20 minutes and after much effort it took it out. but the screen its still black. I burnend over 15 CDs with NEro ImgBurn and nothing and nothing! When i put the CD the screen is black when i removed it starts to blink time to time but nothing !!! Also under my power buttor the little red light is not lit. I tried with CD Cleaner I also tried to burn cd from another PC and nothing
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