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Question Do I need to update my os when I change my vin?

Hello folks

I bricked my original naviunit due to a not so successfull os update a week ago and got my self a used one from a Z4 2007 so now everything is up and running fine again.

I would like to set this "new" one to the right and wonder because I read somewhere that an os update had to be done with a vin change. At the same page i read that this should not be the case when doing a vin coding only with navcoder/resler.

Since i allready bricked one, I'm not very fond of doing a new update with my own cd's and wonder what is the case, do I need to update the os due to a vin vhange or can I do it without the os update?

My car is a 2004 E83 X3 3.0i.

Sorry for my bad english
BRGDS, Tobbe aka zymox
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