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MK4 issues

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I've always found the resources on this site to be invaluable, especially when I purchased my first BMW w. nav back in '05.

I recently retrofitted the nav system to my (new to me) 2004 330ci. I purchased the nav retrofit loom new, but all the other parts (BM53 tuner, 16.9 widescreen, MK4) from eBay. Ever since retrofitting, I've run into the following issues:

1. The MK4 does not want to output audio. I received the unit with a modified firmware (M5 splash screen,) and a main menu that had the "code" and "Aux. Ventilation" entries. The system would freeze when the "settings" menu was selected, and the voice prompts on the nav would quiet the volume of the radio without playing the actual voice. I first installed V.32 over the modded firmware, which fixed the freezing on settings, but not the absence of voice prompts. Then, I installed V.21, which set the unit to Euro mode and wiped the coding for the nav, and then re-upgraded back to V.32. At no point did the voice prompts come back.

2. The MK4 does not sleep. Leaving the trunk open, I can see that the unit's power remains on far past the 15 min that it usually takes for a normal MK4 to shut down. Reflashing firmware has not fixed this issue. Furthermore, I do not see the =BMW= splash screen upon opening the door. Only when the system reboots after a freeze do I see this screen. Pressing the clock button on the nav unit with the screen off renders a black screen with the blue bar containing the time and date at the bottom.

It's worth noting that I have tried a different MK4 in this car running a stock V.32 image and none of these issues have appeared.



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