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yepp, still have it and the dvd sign is there

Thank you for answering me

What happend was that it told me it needed the os cd due to a fooling around thing with inpa ( I pressed the color screen button ) and I fed it with v32. Then it told me that the loading was on it's way and the screen went black and kept that annoying color. Not even a backlight. Tried several other versions including a verified cd and the result was the same. It takes the cd and I can hear it's moving the laser. A couple of minutes later it spits out the cd. And nothing more...
I also can se that the led is both flashing and solid when doing this and it didnšt effect anything else. My radio plays fine for as long as I want and I can change all settings but not see what I'm doing

Now I'm totaly out of ideas and changed it for another used one but I still want to get the old one up and running. I have tried different os verisons from very early to newer versions but it does the same every time...
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