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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
James, I have some advice, buy the MTM foam cannon if you are going to soap up the vehicle, this one even comes with the proper Karcher fitting and is designed for Electric PW's.

I just bought a Ryobi 1700psi 1.2 gpm from Home Depot for $128 with a 20% off HF coupon used. Has aluminum pump, brass fittings, and 3 year warranty. Amazing value. Comes with Turbo nozzle, 15 degree, and a soap dispensing nozzle.

I am looking to improve my time and efficiency, as well as use less water. So when I do a pre-rinse, then foam the car, then rinse again. Then I disconnect the hose from the PW, connect my hose end foam gun (Griots or Gilmour), use one bucket as a "rinse" bucket, and just shoot suds into my wash media using the foam gun. Sounds like it takes a while but actually with shut off valves and QC's on the hose, PW, and gun, its probably a 15 minute process to get the whole X done.

Then I disconnect the gun, hook up the gentle rinse nozzle to the PW, and give a final rinse. I do the wheels/tires separately usually and before the actual wash (those do take longer)

We have been speaking on a detailing forum lately about touchless car cleaning, and with a max of 1600psi, you should be able to foam up the vehicle, and if keeping the turbo tip 6 feet or so away from the paint you can probably let the tip and machine do the work for you, doing a touchless wash that is.

Here is the link for the MTM Hydro lance:

MTM Hydro Professional 2600 PSI Adjustable Foamer | eBay

I also have been theorizing lately that I can most likely use an electric leaf blower to blow-dry the car, just need to put a foam filter by the intake in order to make it "filtered" air. Would love to have a Master Blaster to blowdry but not shelling out $400 to do so.

Link to the thread. I don't really hang my hat at Detailing forums.

Unless I am reading this wrong, I HIGHLY suggest to NOT USE A TURBO tip to wash your car. It's pretty agressive.....I wouldn't even use it on concrete...
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