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oceania (Australia & NZ) 2014 map upgrade

Hi all,
Please bear with me, as I'm new to all this... Purchased my 2006 E53 about 3 months ago and noticed the map software was a bit out of date (didn't show highways that have been around for about 4 years). Decided to purchase a map disc off eBay: BMW Professional 2014 Navigation disc. V21 2014. It's due to arrive soon, so I thought it best to ask for some guidance and advice before I do anything that may bugger up the system (as it works fine now).
Do I have to upgrade software or operating system for this new navigation disc to work in my NAV, or is it simply a matter of ejecting the old disc and putting the new one in? Sorry if I sound a bit dumb, but this is all new to me. TIA
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