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07 x3 towing 18' bass boat.

Am going to be going towing my bass boat around 100 miles 1 way to camp in a month. Then 100 miles back.

I am wondering if I should add a tranny cooler? Going to change diff and tranny fluid and tranny filter before trip. Already did transfer case fluid.

Boat, trailer, engine weights around 2600lbs. Not including gas and all my gear. 25gal gas is another 150lbs. So 2750. Then all gear for the camp and 2 people. So probably around 3000 to 3500lbs. No trailer brakes, it is a dual axel trailer tho.

I know the car is rated for 3500lbs. But want to put the least stress as possible. It tows it fine short distances. I just dont want to over stress the tranny on a 100mile haul.

So should I use shift tronic? Is it bad to go into 6th gear cruising on the highway at 65mph when towing?
And should I install a tranny cooler? And if so can someone recomend one?
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