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Originally Posted by DavidClass View Post
I figure since it works perfectly, that adding 25 dollars to each oil change to make it, and me, happy, is a good trade off. Actually, its not really adding 25 dollars now that I think about; probably about 10 or 15 dollars since I'm replacing 3 quarts.

The inherent problem is the valve guide/seal design, and the 164,000 miles on a car that has problem seen alot of 100% throttle.

This is my plug for Lucas; I run it in all my cars now:
2006 X5 4.8
2008 X5 3.0
1994 Ford Lightning
11 sec Eagle Talon AWD
1972 Ford LTD Convertible
Hello DavidClass, how's everything holding up with your fix?
'05 E53 X5 4.4i, '97 E39 528, '07 E92 335i, '16 F86 X6M.
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