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BMW doesn't think, it just reacts to the Green Party

Originally Posted by trader4 View Post
Assuming that's true, we owners pay the price of BMW pissing in the wind.
This was what drove the massive amount of engine losses in the e36 from Mattel style plastic parts. I used to know all of the numbers, but it hardly matters now.

The Green Weenies (I have a BA degree in Environmental Engineering, so not tossing that out lightly) drove BMW to a set percentage of recyclable material. Well it worked, as nearly a 100% cooling system failure rate caused all of the cooling crap to be recycled. I replaced it all on mine, and went Aluminum and braided hose everywhere. Hey, that stuff can be recycled when I get to 500,000 miles!

The whack jobs always cause "intended consequences" when they step in.

What's worse about all of this is the extremely poor quality of fastening materials and the typical year 2000+ BMW thinking of cheap build by robot and screw any human repair. Getting to the CCV requires a massive amount of work, no matter which approach you take.

However, regardless of what is driving the design, the continuing degradation of material quality coupled with "cheap build, F the customer" thinking is killing BMW. Case in point: over 100% failure rate for X5 window regulators. BMW knew days after the first sale of the E53 that they had a defective design. Yet they tossed more garbage at it under warranty and never changed the design, nor materials in the E53 run.

I have three BMWs, have previously owned several before. But we're done with them. Just plain garbage for the money. What's next? Good question and we're discussing it. But we know what is NOT next!
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