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DIY Key Initialization Issues - Please Help!!

Hi All,

Hoping for some much needed guidance after lengthy searching online. Recently, since I had my battery replaced in my car (or around that time) my key battery also crapped out. So... I attempted the DIY fix of the battery. All disconnected and replaced, but no luck initializing the key. I've been trying to rule out many items over the past few weeks to no avail. Any tips you can provide I would greatly appreciate!!

Things I have done:
-Fuses - all look to be good.
-Fuel Filler Actuator - active when car is locked
-Central Module - All buttons on the interior are fully functioning (i.e. trunk, hazards, central locking)

Issues: Door actuator on drivers door is also faulty. Is this causing my issue with initializing the key?

What can I be missing?? Did I just not do a good job replacing the battery in the key?

Thanks so much for your time and guidance here.

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