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Which version please???


You have all done a magnificent job in decoding & recoding the software, but for a simple numpty like me this seems to be getting very confusing as there now seems so many variants & updates.

I updated to V26 2 weeks ago & have been watching these forums with enormous interest, i wouldn't be surprised if a few of you guys were contacted by BMW R&D.

I was about to upgrade (downgrade) to V26.09 but it now appears a newer version of V26 is on the go which enables the perspective view, but can also incorporate a new welcome screen.

Can someone please just clarify (then i don't end up doing this loads of times) which is the current & most stable version that offers the above.

Many thanks for all your time & efforts guys.

Has anyone thought of a way we can contribute to everyone involved in the upgrades (posible donation / fund)???
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