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In the automotive testing world, coils are only replaced upon failure as some will last a lifetime, others overheat, melt their cases, and/or short out.

When cars had one coil and a distributor that sent the pulse to the right cyl at the right time, everything gets replaced at the same time- Coil, coil wire, cap, rotor, plug wires, plugs. With today's coil on plug technology, the correct service pattern is to replace the failed unit - coil (boot if applicable) and plug. Is the complete set of coil replacement a good practice? It would not hurt (only the costs would). I would recommend replacing only the failed one(s) as the other 5 or 7 would run and perform as new for many more service cycles. In a DIY world all bets are off as the only costs are parts.

In any event replacing all the plugs at sooner than recommended intervals is ALWAYS a great choice. If one fails, replace all. Hell once your in there and you have all of them out, why reinstall old wear parts like a plug? They are cheap enough to pull, inspect, and the replace on a regular basis. On street muscle cars, I used to replace them every year as normal service. Race cars every race, timed run, or test cycle. Verify on a scope and off they went. Testing only takes a few minutes with proper equipment.

With the right scan software and the on board systems, X5 owners can read miss fires by cylinder stored over time. What more can you want? Botton Line: When in doubt replace!

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