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I was a part of that conversation/posting a year ago, but it all comes down to the following:
The only advantage to fine wire precious metal plugs is long life 1st, un-shrouding of the plug to promote clean first fire at the cyl due to lean mixtures 2nd, and a longer (mil sec) of burn time 3rd. No low speed fouling characteristics 4th. WHEN COMPARED to single side strap fat center electrode plugs. The multi side strap plugs like the Bosch +3, +4, offered at that time, a solution to long life that was not available by any other manufacturer except by Champion with their HOT plugs that made their way from F1 and Top Fuel plug engineering testing.

Will both plugs technologies offer long life and proper service? YES, of course. Does technology move on and has the market accepted that the fine wire precious center electrode plugs like NGK Iridium offer better throttle response and the same life when compared to multi prong plugs? Yes. Any secondary ignition testing shows the voltage and burn time improvements. Can owners feel it in a "butt" dyno world? Some can, some can not. My non car wife can not. She like her cars always perfectly clean.

Every plug manufacturer offers these plugs, most if not all auto manufacturers have them installed in the heads at the factory.

Now when the conversation moves to multiple sparks per cyl cycle (MSD- Capacitive Discharge Igntion (CDI) systems) will that change everything? Big time improvements on old style combustion chambers due to air/fuel mix and even flame travels. The impacts to this on plug types get really technical.....This is a conversation for another tread as this forum is a owner DIY user level.

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