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Originally Posted by TiAgX5 View Post
How does a shrouded spark (from hooked electrode) IMPROVE response?

Also, which of those benefits do not apply to.........
My quote was regarding fine wire center electrodes plugs promote un-shrouding of the plug that provide clean first fire at the cyl due to lean mixtures".

To keep this simple for most of the non techie readers: Multiple side electrodes (side straps in Champion terminology) only create more shrouding issues in lean conditions. Do many plug manufacturers market plugs more for marketing hype than actual performance gains that are bet. See Split Fire Plugs, Y Fire Plugs, and a host of others.

In the DIY world, pick a plug you like that provides proper service (life, fit, fires) and enjoy. All other issues are "bench racing" that require engines, dynos, lab equipment, and skilled operators to confirm results, none of which I have access to since I left Champion Spark Plugs and Dana Corporation Engine Management Div (Accell Racing Ignition, Hurst Shifters, Borg Warner Trans /Clutches, Borg Warner, Neihoff, NAPA, Beck Arnold Ign, Mr Gasket, Fuel Management parts (Injectors, pumps, lines, rails & Tanks) etc. Welcome to conglomerates and roll ups, Dana is a $14.4 Billion company now) and moved into the IT world.

Old adage: Put 5 engineers in a room to come up with a solution to a problem and you will get back 109 solutions that you as the manager get to pick from, as each one of their 109 approaches has SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities for improvements, and Threats that it will not).

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