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I've had several folks ask me what the CIC + Combox offers over the CCC + TCU/MULF2

Here's my thoughts. Not in any order.

1/ Display resolution, colors palate and brightness significantly improved.
2/ Special mode for night time driving with subdued color pallet
3/ Speed and useability improvements.
3a/Speed to boot up. E.g. Backup camera comes on almost immediately, unlike CCC where you've often moved out of your parking space by the time the CCC has booted up !
3b/Speed in just using the system just as navigating user interface, vastly improved over the CCC.
3c/ Useability significantly improved. Less clicks and navigating user interface to get to most used features. Hot keys (1-6) can be programmed for additional features.
4/ Navigation improvements with Satellite and 3D building rendering. Cross category POI search. "Full screen" maps. Arrow prompts show correct lane. Voice input supports full address in single sentence
5/ Internal hard drive for local music
6/ Apps platform for iPhone and Android including Spotify, Pandora, Audible, Amazon Music, TuneIn Radio, Twitter, Stitcher, Rhapsody,
7/ Web browser
8/ BMW Live portal for weather, news and additional cloud based apps such as Yelp!
9/ Single generic usb-lightening cable support for iPhone (and charging support)
10/ Album Art support
11/ Bluetooth audio streaming with control and Artist/Song display
12/ "Proper" screen off mode. Unlike the CCC that merely blacks the screen but remains on, the CIC screen really does turn off !!

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