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Originally Posted by lt2mc View Post
Hey Neil, How do you monitor your coolant temp? I am kind of put off that I can't do that on my 3.0 e70.
I run one of these often and can set threshold alarms - UltraGauge OBDII Scan tool & Information Center

Pony up for a more integrated and built in option - P3 Cars - Vent Integrated Digital Interface - Why settle for just a boost gauge?

Or go cheap with an OBDII smart phone App. OBDFusion for either Android or iProducts is less than $10. With a wireless OBDII interface you are adding between another $10-$20 depending on the platform.

Android requires an OBDII to Bluetooth interface.

iProducts require an OBDII to Wifi interface.

Just search Amazon for ELM327 and make sure you get the proper interface for your device, Bluetooth or Wifi.
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