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Question How to route rear washer hose through firewall/bulkhead?


Does anyone know how or where to route the replacement rear washer fluid line (see link below) through the firewall/bulkhead?

I'm replacing the rear wiper hose, part number 61687300356 (#5 in the following link). - Online BMW Parts Catalog


I'm currently repairing the dreaded rear washer line leak on my recently purchased 2008 X5. After a few too many washer fluid refills, I finally figured out (much too late) that my rear washer line was leaking into the driver's footwell. I've spent the last few days removing the interior in order to get the 2nd row carpet out to dry. I decided against removing the front carpet since the dash has to come out in orer to remove the carpet. Instead, I was able to raise the footwell carpets enough to dry out the carpet padding with fans over a couple of days.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to run the replacement part from the pump to the connection in the driver's side rear seat footwell. I can trace the original line from the reservior/pump, and I can see where it passes through the firewall/bulkhead as part of a main harness. Since the original line is embedded within a wiring harness, it will have to stay and be bypassed by the new line. Also, the new line can follow most of the original harness route. It even came with clips and a section of foam padding where the line will pass over the tunnel behind the HVAC unit.

Here's where I'm stuck. The only part I can't figure out is how to get the new line through the firewall/bulkhead. Older cars would have had multiple entry points sealed with grommets where I could have just jammed the new line through. This car, unfortunately, has a very well sealed bulkhead. I could not find a single place to sneak through, especially where the original line passes through. The rubber components used to seal that harness seem impenetrable without crudely cuttng a hole through them and ruining the seal.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about replacing this part? Ideas or suggestions are welcome.
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