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Nav Issue (No Map View)

OK, I give up... searched all over the site and online and could not find any topic on what is happening to my Nav. The Nav was working perfectly fine until I had to go in and check why my telescopic steering wheel controls were not working.

Everyting works fine, radio, CD, cassette and even the Nav. But when I have it on the regular view that shows the station or track I am listening to there is no map view at all, as you can see on the first image. Then I go into the 'GPS Navigation" menu and select "Map"... lo and behold, the image appears, as in the second image, but no radio info.

When I select a new radio station, again no map image. So I am stuck having to keep on switching from radio and map view. I'm sure the Nav isn't fried or I wouldn't be able to listen to anything. Is there something I should check that will reset the Nav system? Am I missing something so simple like a loose connection? Or did the mechanic who checked my steering wheel mess something up?

2003 BMW X5 4.4
Born - 11/14/02
Stahlgrau Metallic
Sports Pkg.
Nav System (No DSP)

Been lurking around absorbing a lot of info but kind of new to the X, any help would be very much appreciated. By the way... a screen replacement is next on my to do list.
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