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OK...wanting to help close the loop on this one. This has happened to me twice now. The first time I was able to lift the hood high enough on the driver side and reach in to grab the little box along the fender liner. A hard pull of the cable and it opened. I PB blasted the latches and they seemed to be working fine. Tonight it wouldn't open again and when I pulled the cable it pulled straight out of the left latch. I could not figure out a way through the fender liner so I broke out a sawsall with 18" blade. Took the left kidney grill out and was able to get an angle on the retaining hook. I cut it and luckily did not damage any paint in the process. What a PITA and dumb design...

I'm going to replace the Bowden cable 51237184456 and will report back if that fixes the issue. Will advise.
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