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"Pending" P030X codes, occasional engine misfire

Yeah, I agree with you. But my understanding of how the logger works is that it triggers on a PID value change, thus certain readings may be a few seconds old when they are written to the file.

I certainly know that I turned off the engine (while coasting at highway speeds) to clear the limp mode.

You can tell when the misfires happened - when the fuel status values go to "8". After that happens (3 times in this file, all highlighted in yellow), I would have to power cycle the engine to clear the misfires.

Looking at the MAF readings in relation to throttle position and calculated load where the misfires did not occur, they seem to track accordingly and as expected, but I'm not certain as I'm only looking at numbers here while not fully understanding all the logic... ;-)

BTW - should the MAF voltage range be 0 to 5 volts? The range seems much wider than that in my log files.

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