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The most recent Log that you posted looks pretty good overall.

Do not be worried about the differences you are seeing in the Pre-Cat O2 sensors. This is likely due to the polling sequence and the slower response of the cheaper/slower interface.

Also the O2 sensors dropping to 0 Volts is typically during Decel with Fuel Cut Off, notice the Fuel System Status is at 4 during these time windows.

The only thing I am really seeing that may be something to watch for is the engine coolant temperature may be slightly lower than expected. Typically the M54 should run pretty consistently at 96C except under heavy load or higher RPM when the thermostat heater is commanded on.

But without knowing more details on how long the engine had been running, what the ambient temps were and if it was raining hard at the time it is a bit tricky to know if the thermostat is slightly soft. I also do not expect the engine temperature concern to factor into the overall problem you were having.

I still need to look over the 3 earlier Logs you posted a bit closer, still trying to catch up after the holidays.
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