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Originally Posted by H8Rain View Post
I am planning to do a transmission fluid and filter change on the X5 tomorrow. It has 30K miles. I have read a couple of the DIY's and I think I am all set. However, I'm not sure I have located the filler plug. All the write ups seem to reference pre 05 trucks.

Take a look at the attached picture which is my trans pan. I took this pic from the passenger side just behind the trans. I thought the filler plug was the plug just above the pan and to the right in the picture. However that "plug" has a black plug in the center which keeps you from being able to remove it. Is that not the filler plug?

Any help would be great. I'm not gonna drain it until I have located where to fill it
Sorry for pulling up such an old thread, but I have a leak (imagine that!)coming from the sensor at the top of this photo and can't seem to find the part number for a new oring, or seal for it.

Can anyone please tell me the name of this sensor? It's on the rear of the transmission passenger side (US).

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