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Cone air filter options listing

So I've reviewed a bunch of threads on Xoutpost about replacing the Dinan's CAI filter and the list of air filters that can be used is kinda everywhere... so I'm putting together this list for convenience.
I have NOT tried any of these, but from quick measurements taken (I will be double checking soon) it seems these (and maybe more) model are available to use as options for the Dinan CAI system (I can not speak to any other CAI as clearance may be different than the Dinan air box/metal shroud)

EDIT: so I measured and took pics (will load later) of all measurements of Dinan d403-0410 air filter and of Dinan air box installed and clearances inside.
D403-0410 measures:
Flange (rubber boot) ID: 101.6mm (4")
Base of filter medium: 138.4mm (5.45")
Top of filter medium: 112.3mm (4.42")
Length of filter medium: 163mm (6.42")
Length of air filter: 182mm (7.16")

Dinan: d403-0410 (needs to be oiled)
Replacement Air Filter for Dinan Cold Air Intake - Dinan, Leader in BMW Performance Parts and Upgrades

K&N: RU-2590 (needs to be oiled)
RU-2590 - K&N Universal Air Filters, Universal Rubber Filter direct from K&N

AFE: 21-91073 (does NOT need to be oiled) (has 3 layers of filter media)
Air Filters Intake Filter Magnum FLOW IAF PRO DRY S Air Filters; 4"F x 6"B(INV) x 4-1/2"T (INV) x 6-1/2"H 21-91073 - aFe Power

AFE: 24-91073 (needs to be oiled)
Air Filters Intake Filter Magnum FLOW IAF PRO¬*5R Air Filters; 4"F x 6"B(INV) x 4-1/2"T (INV) x 6-1/2"H 24-91073 - aFe Power

AFE: 21-91057 (does NOT need to be oiled) (has 2 layers of filter media) (7" long)
Air Filters Intake Filter aFe Power MagnumFLOW IAF PRO DRY S Air Filters; 4 F x 6 B x 4-1/2 T (INV) x 7 H 21-91057 - aFe Power

AFE: 24-91057 (needs to be oiled) (7" long)
Air Filters Intake Filter aFe Power MagnumFLOW AF¬*Pro 5R; 4 F x 6 B x 4-1/2 T (INV) x 7 H 24-91057 - aFe Power

AEM: 21-2057BF/DK models (does NOT need to be oiled)
AEM 21-2057DK - Universal Air Filters, AEM DryFlow Air Filter Factory Direct or
AEM 21-2057BF - Universal Air Filters, AEM DryFlow Air Filter Factory Direct (off road use supposidly)

Volant: Power Core 61509 (IS NOT oiled, but is NOT washable either) - I installed this BEAST of a filter and it DOES have to be installed at an angle to get it to fit inside the Dinan CAI metal shroud. 99.9% air cleaned. Biggest rating out there.

I read on another Bimmer forum that the K&N is an exact replica in regards to sizing of the Dinan's d403-0410 filter. EDIT: they did use the same dimensions. See above.
I confirmed measurements. Since this is true, then the other filters I've listed are ALSO very close measurement options. with the AEM brand being the widest filter base and top, then the AFE brand then K&N/Dinan filters being narrowest (5.375" @ base, 4.375" at top). the AFE ones I've listed have more filter membrane as they have an inverted top instead of rubber sealed flat top, and therefore more air cleaning/intake.

just a comment on the Dinan CAI metal box/shroud VS the metal AFE stage 1 shroud...
the AFE takes advantage of the factory air cowl and allows air from this to be cowl directed towards the air filter (see red circle in pic). The Dinan air box does NOT allow airflow from the factory air cowl to enter the metal box. I'm sure you can find a way though to get the air into it somehow...but would require modification of the Dinan box.
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