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Ownership is a heavy burden - wrought with luxury and paranoia.

In the meantime I continue to read this forum in armchair fashion. I can enjoy reading about X5's without worrying when mine will pull the stunts mentioned in all the posts. Lol.

I'll be putting some junk up on eBay sooner or later. Unless someone wants to grab it before I can do that. If you're in the Chicago area - make me an offer. I'll probably say yes....

My old diagnostics laptop with Scanner 1.4 and the Romanian suite. Complete with cables for both

Bentley manual for e53

3 quarts of BMW synthetic oil

1.5 Liters of liquimoly differential fluid (I never did get around to changing the front diff)

Magic BMW blue coolant (both mixed and raw)

Complete set of owners manuals for a 2004 X5. It's a bunch of them (I was sent the wrong ones - mine was a 2005)

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