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Originally Posted by benfbuilder View Post
My x is giving me code 000030 Egs: Coverter lockup clutch, excessive slip. Dealer quoted me $7k for a new trans. It will only slip at high rpm and in low gear when taking off hard from a complete stop. Won't slip at all if I keep the rpms under 3.5k. Need advice on where to get a new converter. The trans shifts solid and flawlessly so I don't see why I should replace it. I am pretty sure I can swap the converter myself but have no idea where to get it. I've used cobra transmission for my transfer case chain but they don't seem to have the converter for the zf5hp24 trans. Any suggestions? Is there a more heavy duty converter option than the stock zf one? I tow a small trailer full of tools quite often and would like a beefier one if it is available. Has anyone else had this problem? I also have code 00000F EGS: Pressure Actuator EDS, total current. Could this be a pressure related issue and not a bad converter? I have seen these: Oversized Lubrication Valve Kit - 139740-03K - Sonnax which say that they will fix the TC slip problem. Any input would be appreciated!

I have a brand new torque converter from BMW for 5HP24 trans. The client had me special order the unit and paid for it. The vehicle met up in an unfortunate accident prior to us doing the install and of course the he no longer has an X5. Since this was a special ordered unit there is no return. So if you are needing one I can make you a great deal on obtaining it. PM me if interested and we can proceed from there.
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