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Originally Posted by benfbuilder View Post
No input? I'm really stuck on this issue as I have no prior experience of working with transmissions. Really, any help would be much appreciated.
You can check with these guys on the torque converter:

BMW - ZF5HP24 Transmissions

but in my experience, when the converter lock-up clutch goes, it has usually dumped enough worn friction material into the fluid that it and other friction surfaces become contaminated and exhibit reduced performance as well.

I have seen good prices for a remanufactured transmission from:

BMW X5 Certified Reman Transmissions

when checking on the GM 5L40E for mine.

2002 X5 3.0 298,000 miles (still on original fluid)
2014 428i 16,900 miles

2004 325i sold at 123,600 miles
2001 325i sold at 66,000 miles
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