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Think I have answered most of the questions, but I will be glad to elaborate if anyone needs more info. So to recap, if you have this issue, this is what I would do.

1) buy two new diaphragms with caps. You will break the caps getting them off.

2) remove the old ones and discard. A torn diaphragm will cause this problem too.

3 clean out all the gunk with carb cleaner. Try not to let it run down into the engine. It's not the end of the world though as its volatile and will evaporate out quickly while driving.

4)Make sure that the drain passage is draining. You can pour a little oil into it and see if it goes down. A pipe cleaner might be helpful.

5) clean out the hose that goes to the intake manifold. The fitting is a handy squeeze clip thing.

6) Reassemble. There is a vacuum nipple on the cap that goes no where. It was confusing to me.

7) I emphatically do NOT recommend ever using any stop leak or oil additive products in a tight tolerance engine like this one. The sealing components tend to gum up the important stuff I use only synthetic oil. I like Mobile One 0-40, but there are many good ones.

8) synthetic oil has amazing performance, but will find every possible leak point. That's just going to happen. But an oil leak doesnt hurt anything, other than your driveway. They are usually not worth fixing. They get fixed eventually during a serious repair.

Thanks for the good response to my post. Please report back if this works for you so that other owners can benefit from the feedback. Photos are always good too.
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