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Originally Posted by X5only View Post
I replaced the seals that are on the valve covers (cps etc) but smoking persists on very extended idle- idled for 20 minutes and there was a huge plume of smoke when I hit the accelerator. There was some improvement in performance so I must have had some vacuum leaks - some sensors had signs of oil leak.

I'm taking her in for a thorough smoke test to rule out any vacuum leaks. If no vacuum leaks are found then I will know I'm dealing with valve stem seals leak, right?
Possibly. Before you drop a couple thousand in repairs on seals, take a physical look inside the intake manifold. I used a fiber optic scope, but the hole is pretty big. You could even put a phone in side I think. Another owner temporarily replace the CCV line with clear PCV line and diagnosed it that way. If you see no oil and it is still smoking, then it is probably seals ( or rings). Rings won't leak while sitting, but will smoke while running, not just at idle. I think that is rare though. Note the dipstick can be a vacuum leak too. Also you can diagnose vacuum level in the crankcase at the dipstick, but I don't remember the particulars.

Here's another thread.
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