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greasing undercarrage joints and parts with out grease fittings

Don't know if this is the right section for this posting. But it seem to be the best fit.

As all of you know these modern cars does not have grease fittings to grease the parts under the carriage (like tire rod ends ball joints).

Option 1: Do nothing. The manufacturer said it is a "lifetime lube"

Option 2: Drill a hold/tap put in you own grease fitting

Option 3: Use a syringe puncture a hold in the boot and lube.

What would you do and why? all have down sides.

Option 1: "lifetime lube" do you really believe that? The more important question will lubing it prevent the joint from going bad.

Option 2: I am concern if I drill metal parts from the drilling will go into the joint that I can't clean out. Is it better than not lubing at all with the metal flakes?

Option 3: It is the easiest way to lube the joints but you pouch a hold in you boot. I suppose you can tape it up but.....

If there are more options that would be great.

But the way my cars have high years but low mileage. For example my 2005 X5 only have 52,000 miles on it. Does that factor into the decision??
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