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Originally Posted by StephenVA View Post

Since we are chewing on posters, I would like to add a thought on those who post "I have this XXX problem" without even looking at what has just been posted in the last few days, must less using the "SEARCH" feature to find common issues like Oil Separator failures (CCVC, PVC), how to change sensors, brakes, door carriers (Example: "My door handle is sticking out and not working!"), cooling issues, HVAC issues (welcome to summer time), etc.

Just take a few seconds and look on the site. You are NOT the first one who has had this issue (Insert your problem) in the last 10 years, trust us. I have found a ton of past knowledge posting. Like: "What bolts are needed for that big metal plate between the frame rails holding the sway bar brackets." "When to do services?" etc.

Thanks to all who racked up the mileage and posted their findings and solutions!
You will notice I dont have a lot of post counts but in the last year I have dont a LOT of work to my daughters X5, Basic tune up, trouble shooting coolant leak (expansion tank) transmission limp mode, (replaced modules) replaced rear frame mount bushings, replaced the instrument cluster and now rebuilding the transfer case. I'm sure Im leaving out a few things.

I do a LOT of searching. I also appreciate all the post from people who have done the work before me and posted procedures as well as videos. Thanks again.
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