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Have done compression test and result is not good.
Wet test was only done in bank 1.

Cyl Dry/wet
1: 165/210
2: 185/240
3: 120/180
4: 180/190
5: 205
6: 200
7: 210
8: 210

Performed vacuum test and air was blowing out by oil cap. So.. I guess valves are good, but either piston rings and/or cylinder walls are bad. Pretty much whole bank 1 is bad....
Looking at exhaust tips, which are covered with black exhaust gas, even if I replace timing chain guides, it will either run rough or burn a lot of oil.

Looking at these results, instead of rebuilding bottom end of this motor, I'll have better chance swapping the motor.

Now on the new engine following items will be done before it goes in.

1. vanos rebuild
2. timing chain guide
3. water pump / thermostat
4. upper/lower oil pan

and because front axle need to be removed, it's good time to replace inner/outer boot.

The question is, is there any seals need to be replaced where front axle mates oil pan?


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