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Your transmission came off the production line at Saarbrücken on 10th December 2000 so it missed the F-brake piston upgrade (August 2001) and the valve body assembly upgrade (October 2001).

You could check the integrity of the internal wiring loom and the winding resistance of the LUC solenoid by measuring the resistance between pins 11 & 16 at the 16-pin plug on the back of the transmission.

It should measure close to 6.0 Ohms. Clearly this only tells you that the circuit is intact and doesn’t test the performance of the solenoid, for which you’d need a dedicated solenoid or valve body tester, but it’s still worth doing.

You’ve really completed all four ‘stages’ of identifying were the problem might lie i.e. swapped the solenoid, checked the valve block, replaced the shaft seals & replaced the torque converter. Did the two PTFE seals on the input shaft look okay when you had your transmission apart? Presumably you replaced them anyway with the ones from the kit?

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