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Hmmm, problems with 5HP24 solenoids are very rare (in stark contrast to the 6HP26 where they’re a common issue) so I think it would be a long shot. Worthwhile swapping them around as it costs nothing but tricky to justify buying a new one based on the current evidence I think.

Could you just describe the exact issue again? The torque converter should be ‘open’ (i.e. lock-up clutch off) at low speeds, then the lock-up clutch is partially engaged at ‘medium’ speeds – in its continuous 3% slip mode to isolate torsional vibration - and it then only fully engages at higher speeds (not sure about the E53 but it only locks solid at speeds above 56mph in the Range Rover). I had diagnostics kit for my L322 that allowed me to monitor & record the behaviour of the lock-up clutch which certainly made diagnosing problems much simpler. Just what we need here!

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