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Originally Posted by LeMansX5
I am also trying vendors abroad. They may have cheaper initial costs. You never know. May be I should make a trip to China and start my own thing.
I might be able to help you out. I have a good friend who is a buyer for a couple of retail stores and splits his time between Ohio and Asia. I'm also Chinese, but I don't speak the lingo too well (3rd gen Chinese American).

I actually think it would not be difficult to get one of the Chinese manufacturers to agree to making LED tail light sets. All they need is one or two sets of OEM tail lights, and they'll find a way to clone it. The question is the cost of R&D and what the final per unit price will be.

We'll probably find out that these Asian made E46 LED tail lights that we see on eBay selling for $300 actually cost $100 per unit. I've seen clone E39 and E46 bulb style tail lights going for as low as $25 per pair, so $100 for LED wholesale price is not completely out of the question. What we don't want obviously are tail lights that are going to crack or turn yellow after a couple of years in the sun.

Anyways, IM me if you need help.

Regards, Mike
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