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Common problems (Please excuse my poor English)

Hello to everyone from Greece.As written before i drive ( well its a family car !) a 2007 BMW X3 2.5si.A few weeks ago the yellow light for the water coolant lit on and smoke was coming from the engine bay.I filled two times the deposit with water after the light was coming on in a short time.I visited the BMW dealer and they found that there was a leak from three sides of the coolant system.The water deposit was leaking ( broken) and needed to be changed in 125.000 km (apprx 80000 miles) for the second time,the first time was changed in just 55000 km (35000 miles).It seems that the water coolant deposits are poorly made and dont last more than 36 to 37000miles!They also changed a pipe from the water deposit to the engine which was heavily leaking.
There also was a major leak from the carter to the exchaust system ,hence the white smoke.So the leak stopped after replacing some parts from the carter.
I decided to share my experience with all X3 owners as the above issues are very common to E83s.
Thank you for your time.
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