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Pre/Post facelift rear light confusion

Hi everyone. I have an E53 X5 question regarding tail-light upgrades...

I'm a little confused about the difference between pre- and post-facelift rear light compatibility. I'm sick of getting the all-too-familiar Check Brake Lights warnings, which are now constant due to a bad case of corrosion on the contacts, so I'm looking to upgrade to LED.
I'm shopping around, and am seeing lots of options for pre-facelift E53's....but not many for my 2005 post-facelift. They look like identical shapes externally - are they? And if so, are there other incompatibility issues regarding the wiring/connections inside?

Apologies - I know there are lots of threads about the wider LED upgrade topic already, but I'm struggling to find a clear answer to this specific question. I just need to be sure I buy the right thing before splashing the cash.

2005 X5d 3.0 Sport

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