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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
This solution works well for the burnt bulb contact problem, which affects all model years.

There are significant differences in tail lamps wiring and operation between pre-facelift and facelift X5 models - unless you want a bunch of trouble, stick to lights designed for your year/model.
I wouldn't say significant. You literally have to swap four pins (takes a small watch screw driver and 3 minutes) and add a pair of capacitors to each light . The capacitors just clamp inline to two wires on each light assembly. Done and done.

As far as coding, you can turn off cold monitoring if you want, if not they'll just flicker the first second you turn in your lights. Youlll have a brake force error if you don't turn off the adaptive braking but it'll never throw an error on the dash nor will it effect anything.
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