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You can eek out some horses here and there with bolt-ons but you will never hit the bigtime unless you are doing things that require ECU tuning.

3.0 exhaust manifolds look pretty restrictive, and the cats being up high like that was to make ULEV standards as opposed to performance (so I read, makes sense). I'd get rid of those and go to a header and an aftermarket high flow cat.

If you spend anytime on E46 fanatics, you will find there are people over there who plowed the "hotrod a 3.0" ground long ago. You have to do a lot of reading to find that there is not a lot left on the table as far as this engine goes in NA form. Intake, exhaust, ECU tune (either DIY or shark) and you are probably about done...unless you want to really head into crazy territory.

An often overlooked mod on these vehicles is weight reduction. They are fat. Removing weight is like adding power, but cheaper.
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