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Originally Posted by Joshdub View Post
I wouldn't say significant. You literally have to swap four pins (takes a small watch screw driver and 3 minutes) and add a pair of capacitors to each light . The capacitors just clamp inline to two wires on each light assembly. Done and done.

As far as coding, you can turn off cold monitoring if you want, if not they'll just flicker the first second you turn in your lights. Youlll have a brake force error if you don't turn off the adaptive braking but it'll never throw an error on the dash nor will it effect anything.
OK, maybe saying the differences are significant is overstating it a little but... there are a number of critical differences in the electrical systems.

The pre-facelift tails use dual-filament lamps and normal 12v power to the lamps, from the LCM. The facelift models use single filament lamps that are dimmed by a PWM power system from the LCM - the single filament lamps are modulated to at least three different brightness levels, depending on the situation - normal tail light, first stage brake light and second stage brake light.

This is why you need to add capacitors to non-facelift LED tails when fitted to a facelift model- the PWM signal won't work with the LEDS properly without some sort of averaging circuit (a capacitor). This averaging is done by the tungsten filament in normal incandescent tail lights.

This PWM is nothing to do with cold-monitoring - although that is there too. The PWM system driving the tails cannot be controlled by coding - you would need to replace the LCM.
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