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Originally Posted by jlanfear View Post
So, I had put the #13 fuse in #20 by accident. As soon as I moved it, the car started right up. The question is, should there be a fuse in #20? I don't think there was. I guess it depends on my options.

So, FYI, a missing fuse in #13 will not only prevent your E70 from starting, it will throw transmission, ASC, DSC, and 4X4 errors.
Great...thanks for the update...I was hoping that you could work this out just using the diagram.

Does the e70 X5 have an alphabetical list with the illustrated diagram that tells what the fuses are for?

Like in the pic of my e53's rear fuse panel...all the BMWs I've owned previously always have an alphabetical list of fuses. If so, then look for what fuse #13 is for (as well as the other fuses you had a question about).

EDIT: Never mind...I went back to google...and it appears the e70 has changed from an alphabetical index of a chart of symbols to explain what each fuse is for (Geesh...why do they make things more difficult?) ...I'll go ahead and assume that the symbols are defined/explained somewhere in the owners manual.

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