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What sort of tools / supplies do you have on hand ?
Do you plan on detailing long term/short term.

If the answer is no on the 1st, or short term - double no's to the question, I'd be inclined to tell you to just send it to a pro to have it done.

Are you the original owner ? Has the car ever been repainted. How thick is the clear if you absolutely do not know the history of the car from day 1 of production....Lotsa variables, on CC thickness that needs to be determined IMO before any polishing is done.

Between machine, pads, chemicals, etc - it's actually more cost effective this route.
If it's something more either as a hobby, just tooling around in the garage, etc , a rough mathlist would be something like

buffer - $50-$150
pad - $12 - Medium Cut AIO
pad Option 2 - $25 - Polish/Finish Pad Combo
Polish - $25 AIO / $50 for Polish/Finish Combo
MF towels - $6 per polish or QD towel, another $20 for decent high plush drying
Iron X - $20
Clay - $20
Coating/Sealant/Trim Restorer/Trim Coating - $100

Most if you consumables also have a ~finite~ lifespan. Solvents in them dry out. Any of the decent coatings (whether it be for paint or trim), have a shelf life of 6 months once you crack that bottle open. Other products that are not ~coatings~ may have longer shelf lifes, but they are just not of my preference....

YazX5, the list goes on from there but hopefully you get my point when I line item the grand sum of materials (not including knowledge and experience), might outweigh the cost of subbing it out.

At the end of the day, moving forward, car washing technique/regimine is even more important .

You don't want to put the haze back in your paint after whatever course of clarity correction you have chosen.

I am a SNOB when it comes to washing so here goes some very basic fundamentals
Grit Guards - $35 (2 Grit Guards and 2 CG Cyclone Grit Guards). CG on bottom, original on top. You also will need 2 buckets to hold these for wash /rinse buckets....

Great Wash Media
Great Drying Towel
When drying if you have a blower, blow dry the car and then BLOT the remaining water

Here's the underlying premise. You want to avoid rubbing on the paint as much as possible. Especially when washing but also drying...just consider your hands as sandpaper (whether it be coarse or fine sandpaper), so avoid it as much as possible. When you wash with your wash media of choice, try to float the wash media over the paint.....instead of what 99% people do, which is drag it across....
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