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Great info thank you very much for that. I have access to a lot of tools, my uncle has a body shop and he has buffers pads etc. they use 3M compound (brown one) and a pink bubble gum like polish. I tried bugging a few times getting a little better every time I try it. I would just have them do it, they do a great job, but they don't pay much to detail on my cars (leave compound between cracks, buff black trim by accident making it white) so I wanna do it myself as I pay a lot more attention to my own car. From doing a couple searches and reading online, I came up with this process, but not too sure about last couple of steps.

1. Wash the car
2. Clay bar
3. Buff with compound?
4. Buff with polish?
5. Wax

The products I have are 3M perfect-it rubbing compound, Meguiars ultimate polish, Mothers clay bar kit, and Mothers California gold wax.
I dunno if that seems about right, what do you guys think, and thanks again.

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