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Originally Posted by Thecastle View Post
Thats pretty impressive, maybe its time for me to switch? My 2011 335D which is JR Stage 2 tune with EGR delete doesn't do as well as your X5. My D averages about 27mpg around town with mostly highway driving around Houston. Best I've ever gotten is 32.5mpg on the highway driving to Wyoming. Worst I've seen is about 22mpg with no highway driving.

My D Lost in the trailer storage shed.
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My x5 4.8 best I've seen is 19.5 (more typical is about 17-18mpg) driving on i-10 at 80mph, and worst was 7.3mpg while towing my trailer out of east Texas at 65mph on hilly terrain.

screen capture tool
Thecastle, what MicroLite do you have? I have a 2015 23LB. Are you using a WDH? Curious how that is working for you.

Oh yeah, back to the post. I tow a 23' 23LB trailer. I typically get about 13 mpg. I get 22 mpg during my typical commute. I have a long road trip coming up and will log the mileage.

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