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Agree. I did install ULF -522 and with Verizon Treo 650 with 1.04 firmware, the phonebook transferred to my X5. I even added some favorites and later on they transferred.

The funny thing is that I have same ULF -522 istalled in my E46 M3 and even though the VZW Treo 650 pairs with it and you can make and receive calls with it, the phone book has NOT transferred.

I even erased all the pairings and re-paired it and the phonebook does not transfer. The only difference is that in the X5, I don't have Navigation. In the M3, I have the MkIV DVD Nav.

Originally Posted by gwells67
I got the impression that this wouldn't work, but it seems flawless so far. My BT module is 1st gen (552) and the treo has the latest verizon firmware (1.04 I think). I deleted all of the favorites and then put my numbers in (only about 20 so far).

No issues at book transfered, no hangup or auto-answer issues. I was suprised as I thought there were signifigant issues with verizon treos and BMW bluetooth. Works every time I get in the car...Perfect

Not sure why it's not supported.
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